Sunday, August 29, 2010

too long too long!

So I've totally been working on getting some pics up, problem is I don't have a super fancy camera!!!

I realize my following may be low (Thanks Jennilee!!!!) but I really hope the next few months I can dedicate to getting "Pops&Dots" out there!!!!

Kevin and I have been brainstorming on another photo shoot, and I've been working on getting my own equipment to get my random days (like today) of making cake pops or dots!!

Pops&Dots will be having a launch party coming soon! Definitely wanna get some awesome samples out there too!

Please feel free to directly message me with any inquiries you may have!! Pricing is all negotiable and based on how complicated and detailed your design is going to be, but I will definitely have a pricing sheet coming soon!

I have also added a new type of Pop&Dot to our ever growing menu :) I now will be serving, OREO TRUFFLE pops that can be flavored with MINT or PEANUT BUTTER.

We recently came up with WHITE CAKE AND CARAMEL also, and next week, we're taking a stab at CHEESECAKE POPS&DOTS...

So stay tuned, because a lot of delicious adventures are ahead, and they're probably coming your way!

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  1. No problemo! When you have a pricing sheet, then will you please send it my way? I think your cupcake pops would be perfect for my bf's niece when her birthday comes around next April.